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Centerless Grinding
centerless grinding
What is Centerless Grinding
Centerless grinding processes the outer periphery of a cylindrical workpiece using a centerless grinding machine. A workpiece is supported between a fixed blade and a rotating adjusting wheel and a grinding wheel. The rotation and feed of the workpiece are then adjusted by rotation of the adjusting wheel to grind the outer circumference of the workpiece. Centerless grinding requires neither a center hole in the workpiece nor the workpiece’s installation on and removal from the grinding machine. These advantages make it suitable for mass production.
Centerless Grinding Wheels
Conventional centerless grinding wheels / Superabrasive diamond & cbn wheels Centreless (centerless) grinding can perform excellent roundness of the work piece.The workpiece is supported by a work rest blade and set between a rubber regulating wheel that rotates the workpiece and a rotating grinding wheel.
Centerless grinding
centerless grinding
The grinding wheel and the smaller one the pressure or regulating wheel.
The regulating wheel is a rubber-bonded abrasive having the frictional characteristics ta rotate the work at is own rotational speed. The speed of this wheel, which may be controlled, varies from 50 to 200 ft/min(0.25-1.02 m/s). Both wheels are rotating the same direction. The rest assists in supporting the work while it is being ground, being extended on both sides to direct the work travel to and from the wheels.
The axial movement of the work past the grinding wheel is obtained by tilting the wheel at a slight angle from horizontal. 
In centerless grinding, the workpiece rotates between a grinding wheel and a regulating drive wheel. The work is supported from below by a fixed work-rest blade. The two basic modes of centerless grinding are "thru-feed" and "in-feed" or "plunge" mode. In the thru-feed mode, the work proceeds in the axial direction through the slowly narrowing gap between the grinding wheel and the regulating wheel. Work is advanced by the axial force exerted on it by the rotating surface of the regulating wheel. This is a highly productive form of grinding in that a number of workpieces can be ground simultaneously and in a continuous stream. The "infeed" mode is used for work with projecting heads that would prohibit "thru-feeding," the work is placed on the work-rest blade while one wheel is retracted and fed to an end stop. The wheel is then brought back, reducing the gap between the wheels, grinding the work.
The cases of surface grinding
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