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Dressing and Truing Grinding Wheel
Abrasive Grinding Wheel Dressing
Turning Method: single poilt diamond dresser, multi point diamond dresser

Grinding Method:  rotary diamond roll,  conventional grinding wheel
Superabrasive Diamond & CBN Wheel Dressing
Stationary diamond dresser (single point, multi point)
Rotary diamond roll
Conventional dressing wheel
Oil stone , dressing stick
Stationary Diamond Dresser
Purpose of Dressing Grinding Wheel
* In order to obtain the ideal, or restore the surface geometry of the grinding wheel, the grinding wheel surface has a certain dimensional accuracy and shape accuracy, that is, shaping.
dressing grinding wheels
* In order to remove the grinding wheel surface is not ideal, or the passivated abrasive particles, or the surface has been blocked by abrasive debris, so that the grinding wheel surface exposed brand new abrasive particles, has a certain grinding performance, that is, sharpening.
dressing grinding wheels

Grinding wheel dressing method
► Abrasive grinding wheel dressing
Turning method. Single-point diamond dresser, multi-point diamond dresser
Grinding method. Rotary diamond roll, point wheel dressing, conventional grinding wheel

► Super hard grinding wheel dressing
Stationary diamond dresser (single point, multi point)
Rotary diamond roll
Conventional dressing wheel
Oil stone , dressing stick
dressing grinding wheels
Diamond Dressing Tools
Diamond dresser is the most widely used dressing tool in conventional grinding wheel grinding process.

Single - Point Diamond Dresser ( easy to install, low cost, easy to use )

Single point diamond dressing pen installation
1. Firm clamping, ensure rigidity, no vibration
2. The single-point dressing tool must be able to tilt at a certain angle in the vertical plane, 10-15 degrees.
3. Rotate the dressing tool regularly, 1/8
4. In the process of correction, it is best to use wet method to repair, and cooling and interruption are strictly prohibited
5. Carefully set the knife, no impact

The size of the single grain diamond selected for dressing

large grain single crystal diamond

Grinding Wheel Diameter (mm) Diamond (ct)
200 0.2 - 0.3
200 - 400 0.3 - 0.5
400 - 600 0.5 - 0.8
600 - 800 0.8 - 1.2
800 1.0 - 1.5

Multi - Point Diamond Dresser
single-point diamond pen, with high price, and even the need to renovate and other shortcomings
The multi-point diamond dressing tool has small diamond particles and a large number, and the surface quality fluctuation of the grinding wheel is small, the dressing is relatively stable, and the cost is low.

► Rotary Diamond Dresser

The contact area is large. The outer surface of the grinding wheel coincides with the outer contour of the dressing wheel.
The truning efficiency is high, mainly used for mass production.
High precision (thread, gear, bearing channel, corrugated roller, blade groove, etc.)
The service life of the dressing wheel is long. Usually the roller life can reach more than tens of thousands of times.

Rotary diamond dressers are divided into profile and form rolls (depending on the type of abrasive layer profiling)
diamond profile dressing roll
Diamond Profile Dressing Rolls
* Profiling of the grinding wheel along the desired contour by moving the diamond dressing roller
* The profile of the grinding wheel is created by a CNC controlled process that moves the rotating form roll along the target contour
* Form rolls are not restricted to a specific workpiece but can be used flexibly
diamond from dressing roll
Diamond Form Dressing Rolls
* Profiling of the grinding wheel in only one operation using the plunge-cut dressing method
* Usually the profile of the roll corresponds precisely to that of the workpiece
* Extreme accuracy, even with highly complex profile contour

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